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Advantage Property Inspection proundly serves Indianapolis and surrounding counties with quality home inspections

     Purchasing a home is the largest single investment most people will ever make. Make sure it is a good investment.  A proper home inspection will allow you to make a well educated decision.

     Don't waste time when selling, know the condition before the offer is made. There is nothing worse than losing a buyer due to a lenghtly defect report. By having an inspection before listing gives you the opportunity to make the necessary repairs and avoid long negotiations with the buyer.


     A home inspection is not just for new home buyers or people selling their homes. If you have been in your home for 5 years or more IT IS TIME!!!!  Don't be blindsided by an unexpected major expense, know the condition of the main systems of your home and be able to plan for rather than react to a failure.  We can also alert you to any safety issues that may have developed since your last inspection.

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